Just like my own website, the website I’ll build for you is fast, secure and easy to use. Test my website’s performance with Google PageSpeed Insights tool, and you’ll understand what I mean.

I use popular and well-tested WordPress plugins. If a plugin cannot provide the solution, I can code new features and functionalities to your website.

tarinoiden sankari, joka tuottaa laadukkaita woocommerce palveluita yrityksille

WooCommerce website for a small business

starting from 280€ + vat

I will build you a fully functioning WooCommerce website. Always included are the following features:

  • Payment functionality (e.g. Paytrail, Visma, Paypal)
  • Shopping cart abandonement follow-ups
  • SEO basic settings with Rank Math-plugin
  • Automated site backups
  • Social media linking and integration

If you want to maintain the site after it’s finished, I will give you a tutorial to the WordPress admin functionalities. I can also provide maintenance, if you so wish. Ask me for more features and functionalities.

tämä miekkamies tuottaa ainoastaan kaikkein laadukkaimpia palveluita pienyritysille, pääasiassa luoden vuorenvarmoja kotisivuja

Small business website

starting from 280€ + vat

You get a website that has content for three, four pages. Just like on WooCommerce pages, I’ll take care of the SEO-basic settings, site backups ja server-side optimization. You’re in charge: tell me what you need. I’ll make your dreams come true!

  • 3-4 pages, depending on the amount of content required
  • SEO basic settings with Rank Math plugin
  • Contact forms
  • Social media linking and integration
  • Automated site backups

If required, I will maintain the site. You can focus on growing your business.

tämä nainen suojelee ja ylläpitää yrityksen verkkosivuja luotettavasti ja tehokkaasti

Website maintenance

starting from 49€ + vat/month

I’ll take care of your website’s maintenance, including:

  • Updates and debugging
  • SEO-maintenance
  • Reporting

I’ll update plugins, themes and other WordPress-related functionalities. I’ll perform backups and extensive testing, in order to ensure full website functionality after changes.

I’ll also keep track of your website’s SEO performance. I’ll implement changes if I see need for them.

I can also focus on details important to you.